Yuriy V. Lyulin
Research Scientist, PhD
Center for Energy Science​ and Technology (CEST)
Skolkovo Institute of Science and TechnologyNobel str., 3, Moscow, Russia

+7 913 382 20 93



Diploma for scientific achievements and conscientious work, Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk, 2017, Russia.


Award for Best Poster presentation on Seventh International Symposium on TWO-PHASE SYSTEMS FOR GROUND AND SPACE APPLICATIONS, September 17-21, 2012, Beijing, China.


Diploma of charitable foundation for the promotion of national science “Best PhD student of RAS”, 2006, Moscow.


First Degree Award on the competition of Young Scientists, Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk, Russia, April 2003.


Second Degree Award on the VII All-Russian Young Scientists Conference “Actual Problems of Thermophysics and hydraulic gas dynamics”, Novosibirsk, Russia, April 2002.